Monday, August 07, 2006

Dear Mr. Gibson.

After analysing your character and quirks, dreams during night and day, already existing experience and interests, plus your past lives and genetic makeup. I´ve decided that you will become a web developer.
It´s a creative, independent, newly emerged (on this planet) type of occupation, that allows for a lot of personal freedom. Basicly a web developer is someone who creates and manages websites for a living.
It is also an ideal way for you to realize your childhood dreams of travelling the world. A web developer can, with right preparations, work from anywhere on this plane (and neighbouring planets but I won´t get into that, at least not now). And if you do, like I´m going to suggest, work on travel related websites you will not only have the means to support your travels but also a good reason.

Tomorrow, buy following books:

HTML 4 For Dummies
CSS Web Design For Dummies
PHP, Apache, MySQL Web Development
Drupal : Creating Blogs, Forums, Portals,
and Community Websites

I´ll be in touch after and tell you what to do next.