Monday, August 14, 2006

Mr. Gibson

I am your friend, but you are right. Perhaps it is overly familiar to address you as "dear" just yet.

You are moving forwards at a slow but steady pace. There have been setbacks but those I expected. Your life has started to improve and will continue to do so.

Tomorrows plan:

When you wake up have a cup of coffee, sit by the computer and continue learning. Don´t go to sleep again.

Work on the site for a while. Then go splash some water on your face, sit down and meditate for fifteen minutes. Then go to the gym and work out a little.

After that continue working on the site.

At noon, go shopping for groceries. Only buy fruit, vegetables, unprocessed meat, fresh fish and/or eggs. Buy only enough to last you untill noon the following day. Also buy more nicotinell and some herbal tea (you are giving up coffee).

Continue in the same manner throughout the day. Sit by your desk and work. Break it up regularily and do some house chores, go for a ride, walk, meditate, have a cup of tea, glass of water, a bite when hungry or anything else.

Be careful not to overwork yourself. When you start loosing focus, take a break. Even if you get enthusiastic and want to press on, know that you only remember well what you read in the first ten minutes or so. After that, the rate of recollection declines rapidly. If you force yourself to continue without a break for an hour, you are forgetting between seventy and ninety-five percent of what you read!

Let´s see how this goes and I´ll give further instructions tomorrow night.