Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mr. Gibson

What you are experiencing are fluctuations in time. You see time is not linear but rather like branches of a tree. And actually not really like that either, I’m not sure I can explain it in any of the vocabularies of your species. And it’s not really needed. Suffice to say that you are probably remembering how things were in a parallel universe. Associating with me sometimes does that to humans.

I could "make" you do as I say. However your physiology is too fragile to attempt that. If I did you would feel energy currents running up and down your spine, suffer massive weight loss and most likely experience bouts of uncontrollable teleportation.

You don’t realize how your diet of carbohydrates and alcohol are underlying factors in your condition. They don’t cause your symptoms but leave you wide open to maladies of both body and mind.

It works like this: when you ingest copious amounts of sugar it causes the brain to releases serotonins giving you a short lived elevation. The brain tries to regulate that by shutting down some of the stations that produce serotonin. Later, in order to reach the same or just normal levels you are forced to eat more sugar, thus continuing the cycle.

Alcohol does very much the same thing except it affects dopamine.

Both those hormones need to stay balanced. Too little of them and you get depressed, too much and you become manic.

Besides from that the sugar causes release of insulin that remains after the sugar is gone, that causes the crash that makes you lethargic.

So unstabilizing the levels of serotonin and dopamine makes you depressed that leaves the door open for loneliness. Add on top of that the lethargy caused by too much insulin in your bloodstream and you become unproductive or underachieving.

So a change of habits is really the foundation you need for a better life. You must avoid all forms of dead carbohydrates such as sugar and wheat.

Tomorrow you will go shopping, and again only buy fruits (you will be needing lots of fruit glucose to wean yourself off sugar), vegetables, fish, unprocessed meat and eggs.This will take you closer to the diet of your ancestors, which did not experience diseases such as diabetes until they invented agriculture.

Drink more water, have a glass every now and then.

Stop drinking coffee and have herbal tea instead. Don’t drink anything other than those two.

Get in the habit of going to the gym every other day, monday, wednesday and friday.

Meditate in the morning or evening for fifteen minutes or more.

Do this and you will have plenty energy and drive to be productive and you will neither be depressed or lonely.

That’s the plan for you. When school and work starts I’ll give you another plan that takes those into account. But that not to worry about now. For now is only the now.